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Prashan Kumar Jha
Maha Prabandhak

Looking at the growth for more than 7 years since our inception, Swastik saccos believes in being responsible Cooperative Organization to promote cooperative principle & values. In this continually evolving marketplace, Swastik saccos will continue to take its roles seriously as a responsible Cooperative Organization and gradually encourage its members, employees, and other stakeholders to work for its permanence. It will only be able to face the challenges of sustainability with a comprehensive understanding and full commitment and coordination of each entity. It offers great products like different kinds of savings, microfinance, deprived sector loan, technical assistance, training, Bank Guarantee, Remittance and Utility payments. It is our pleasure to share that we increased the access to Swastik saccos services by establishing 5 branches. Swastik saccos still needs to expand its services to its members and as a Maha parbandhak, I would like to commit to all members that the services of Swastik saccos will be made more accessible in days to come. For the response to the tough challenges posed by our stakeholders, we continue our long tradition of encouraging leadership of the employees by motivating them to develop and implement innovative and ingenious solutions. We are committed to strategically choosing to offer the products and services which will best benefit our membership, providing convenience and simplification of the financial experience for future. As we know, the financial services industries now-a-days have become competitive. But whatever the situation is we have good reason to be the best in the capability, ability of our brand name to face challenges, take the risks and take advantages of profitable opportunities and in fact improvement and achievements year-on-year. With the strength of our senior management team, detail and broad market knowledge and true professionalism combined with excellent performance in every aspects, there is enough reasons for optimism, prominent amongst which is management's and staff's rare disposition that constantly demands improvement over previous achievement. I would like to mention that as we grow in all areas, we must increase our efforts to ensure that our esteemed member's today and future are bright by providing them with best products, services and every support they require. With Swastik Cooperative Limited, you always have a bright future. All of these accomplishments would not be possible without the hard work of our employees and the support of our board of directors. Their dedication and commitment to our members is what drives Swastik saccos success. Accept my endless gratitude. I appreciate all your support. Thank you